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Brandles School

Part of Larwood Academy Trust

School Info

Throughout the whole of Brandles School there is a strong emphasis on respect. From the moment a pupil starts at Brandles School we are clear that pupils must respect each other, they must respect the property and most importantly, they must respect themselves.

We have excellent staff. All of our teachers, teaching assistants and support staff work together to ensure that the learning environment is as stimulating and accessible as possible.

The school places a strong emphasis on the individual; all of our pupils have a unique set of circumstances and requirements. Our job is to optimise their potential. Every pupil will have an area of strength, which the staff work hard to identify and then build upon; this in turn improves self-esteem and confidence.

We have numerous links with external providers who focus on developing independence and self belief.

A strong aspect of Brandles is our pastoral care. We have regular contact with parents/carers and pride ourselves on our excellent relationships. We respond quickly to situations and ensure that everyone who needs to know is informed. Many of our pupils have difficulties in their lives and can be very sensitive about their circumstances. Our staff deal with these situations professionally and compassionately.

We look forward to welcoming you to our learning community and working with you to ensure that your son develops and flourishes in to a well rounded young man.