The Team


The Team

Teaching Staff


Mr D Pearce

Assistant Headteacher

IT and Science, Exams Officer, Curriculum

Mr I Reid

Assistant Headteacher

Science Lead, SENCO, DSPL, Safeguarding

Ms N Wilsher

Assistant Headteacher

Technology Lead, Operational Lead, Behaviour, Data

Mr P Smith

Food Technology

Mrs L Jordan

Art Lead

Mrs L Ashley

Design & Technology

Mr M Hunter

Mathematics and Numeracy Lead

Ms N Wilsher

Physical Education and Maths

Mr C Russell

Physical Education, English and Form Tutor Lead

Mr L Wainwright

Outdoor Education, Bushcraft, Wave 4 Coordinator

Mr J Wainwright

Year 7 Lead, Music & Performing Arts Mr M Crosland
English and Literacy Lead Mrs A Garnham

Support Staff

Pastoral Lead and Transition
(Designated Senior Person for Child Protection)

Mrs J Stone

Teaching Assistant Mr D Lane

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Aujla

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L O’Hare

Teaching Assistant

Ms A Turner

Teaching Assistant

Ms R Turner

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Spencer

 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs N Springham

Teaching Assistant Ms C Nash
Teaching Assistant Mrs R Turner
Pastoral Administrator Mrs H Robertson
Family Engagement support worker Miss K Brigden

Family Engagement support worker

Mr G Wiggins



Office Manager

Mrs K Jenkin


Mrs B Rogers

Senior Leader, Site & Network Manager

Mr M Wheeler

Maintenance Assistant

Mr R Grybowicz

Cleaning Staff

Mrs K Wilton-Wickham

Cleaning Staff  Mrs P Smith