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Brandles School

Part of Larwood Academy Trust

Our Staff


Senior Leadership team  
Headteacher Mr P Smith
Deputy Headteacher Miss N Wilsher
Deputy Headteacher Mr I Reid
Senior Behaviour and Culture Lead Mr J Grover


Teaching Staff  
Teacher - Food Technology Miss C Burnham
Teacher - Food Technology Mrs K Croft
Teacher of DT and Construction  Mr M Hunter
Middle Leader – Behaviour and Culture. KS4 Science Mrs A Singleton
Teacher of Outdoor adventure  Mr R Sharp 
Teacher of English Mrs A Fells
Teacher of PE Mr M Ritchie
Teacher of wellbeing/ Cover Supervisor  Mrs C Jaggers 
Teacher of Maths Mr J Baranowski 
Teacher of Maths Dr A Kinis
Teacher of Maths/ Numeracy intervention  Miss C Bithray 
Teacher of careers / wellbeing  Ms M Kayani
Teacher Mr J Wilson
Teacher of Y7 Ms J Wright
Teacher of English KS3/Music KS4 Mr J Grover
Teacher of performing arts/Adapted Meaningful Opportunities Mr C Gayle


Support Staff  
Pastoral Lead Assistant Mrs N Springham
Pastoral Admin Miss K Lalli
Student Support Lead Mrs G Hurrell
Literacy intervention co-ordinator Ms R Turner
Teaching Assistant Ms H Cosford
Teaching Assistant Mrs M Aujla
Intervention Lead Miss L Brede 
Teaching Assistant Miss H Langston
Teaching Assistant Miss A Hanson
Teaching Assistant  Miss M Cavanagh
Teaching Assistant Mrs N Samuels 
Teaching Assistant Mr T Crump
Teaching Assistant Mr J Donker
Teaching Assistant Mr P Taylforth
Teaching Assistant Miss H Goodwin
Family Support Worker Mr G Wiggins
Family Support Worker Mrs S Smith


Administration & Site Staff  
Administrator Mrs B Rogers
IT Technical Advisor

Mr R Adams

Site Manager Mr C Dawson