Environmental Statement

Brandles School is committed to ensuring that all of its activities have a minimum impact on the environment and will continue to seek ways to reduce the use of consumables and energy.

Brandles School have been awarded the ECO Schools Silver Award in recognition of the work they have completed and the changes they have made in the school. This is encouraging everyone to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

Brandles Energy Policy

As part of our environmental policy Brandles School is committed to responsible energy management and wherever practical will seek to improve energy efficiency throughout all our buildings, plant and equipment.


To improve cost-effectiveness and working conditions through better energy management

To protect the environment.

To increase Staff and Student awareness of energy matters

To use fuels as efficiently as is practicable

To gain control over our energy consumption by reviewing and improving our operating practices.

Action Plan
Survey the schools energy use, and identify opportunities for improvements.

Produce a time table with specific milestones to:

  1. Encourage staff and students to take ownership of energy management.
  2. To improve cost-effectiveness and working conditions through energy management.
  3. Place energy conservation in the Curriculum Obtain the environmental Green Flag Award