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Brandles School

Part of Larwood Academy Trust

Vision and Values

Schools Visions and Values


Brandles School is a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. Our enriching opportunities empower individuals to be aspirational and thrive in all aspects of life.


  • Respect
  • Caring
  • Ambition

How can we all show the Brandless Values:






  • Respect others in the school regardless of race, SEN needs, sexual orientation or identity.
  • Respect the learning of others.
  • All students to respect the property in school.
  • Teach within a therapeutic nature.
  • Follow Herts Steps.
  • Staff role model respect within their behaviours.



  • Parents/Carers to role model respectful behaviours towards staff.
  • Parents/Carers to help students to know how to be respectful towards the fabric of the building.


  • Show kind, empathetic behaviours towards others.
  • Be helpful where you can.
  • Staff to offer a 360 wrap around care for all families when needed.
  • All staff to follow students plans.
  • Parents/Carers to take note of positive messages sent home and to celebrate them with students.
  • Help students with their goals for the future and take them to open evenings/clubs etc.


  • Have a goal for the future.
  • Want to get good grades.
  • Look at college placements for post 16.
  • Continuous CPD on SEN needs and teaching and learning.
  • All lessons to be good or better.
  • Help with home learning.
  • Work with the school by attending any courses/information evenings put on.