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Brandles School

Part of Larwood Academy Trust


‘Literacy for Learning and Life’

We believe that Literacy is an essential skill to enable students to read and write as experts in every subject across the curriculum. It enables them to express themselves and participate in all areas of school life, society and the world of work. Improving literacy skills impacts positively on students’ self-esteem, motivation, behaviour and attainment. Our boys are given every opportunity possible to develop their reading, writing, speaking and listening so that they cultivate the skills necessary for a happy and successful life.

We have a whole school approach to literacy and support staff in every subject to teach reading, writing and communication effectively.

At Brandles, we

  • Celebrate reading for enjoyment
  • Explicitly teach vocabulary appropriate to each subject area
  • Use effective strategies to support comprehension and vocabulary acquisition
  • Promote classroom discussion to enable quality written work.

Our literacy strategy is informed by the guidance of the Education Endowment Foundation.

Please find below a literacy poster about improving literacy in secondary schools.