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Brandles School

Part of Larwood Academy Trust

Alternative Provision

Brandles School TASK Community Projects

Togetherness Achieves Social Knowledge

In partnership with ELSA, CIC, TAPPS Garden Centre, Enemies of Boredom, Learning to Listen, Creatives, Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service and Hertfordshire Police

Brandles TASK Community Projects offer students the opportunity to be part of various programmes such as fundraising, interactive and practical projects that help benefit the local community. The hope is all students will work towards Duke of Edinburgh Awards or BTEC qualifications and have the opportunity to learn new skills and feel part of the community.

The Aims:

We offer Brandles students the opportunity to learn new skills that enhances their self-esteem, confidence, social skills, as well as gaining positive memories and building meaningful relationships.  We provide a varied curriculum tailored to meet the students’ complex needs, as many of our students have already experienced multiple school settings prior to arriving at Brandles, so it is vital we break down and unlock the barriers to education, so that all students can flourish and function safely at Brandles and in the wider community.


To gain a Functional Skills qualifications, BTEC qualifications and/or Duke of Edinburgh Awards (Bronze and Silver). For all students to have fun and feel a sense of achievement, that will provide a positive platform to support them within the main school and raise their attendance and participation in lessons.

The TASK projects will allow all the students to build upon their social and independence skills, and see the positives in supporting their local communities and achieving something worthwhile for others and themselves.

They will learn to work with others, improve their own learning and performance, problem solve, undertake research, present their findings and tell others about their community projects. Workshops involve discussions, debates and on occasion a leadership role.

The TASK projects are led by the students and supported by adults.  Students are encouraged to take ownership of their TASK projects. The hope is parents will attend some celebration events when projects have been completed, so that students can talk about their work and showcase what they have achieved and learnt.

We run a comprehensive programme of activities that complements our curriculum.  Many of our students struggle to sit behind a desk for hours on end and need to see how their learning can be implemented in a more practical environment. 

Activities such as fishing, high ropes, archery and water-sports help to develop patience, confidence and social skills.

We work closely with our local community to provide opportunities for the students to interact with members of the public and develop a social conscience.  This has included working at the local garden centre (TAPPS), building planters, liaising with customers etc. and doing some fundraising for our local neo-natal ward at The Lister Hospital.

Programmes run for seven weeks and they all involve working towards some form of accreditation. This might be towards a BTEC qualification or a DofE sectional certificate.