Brandles School Governors Area


Governor Newsletter Summer Term 2016
This has been an exceptionally busy year for the governing body. We have had several
changes to our team as new recruits were not always able to sustain their commitment
when work or family matters took priority.
However, we did recruit two new governors who have completed induction and
safeguarding training and have accepted link governor roles overseeing the Pupil
Premium funding. Another new governor will join us in September and we are delighted
to have her expertise on the team. Having lost a parent governor last term we are
pleased to say that Angela Smith has agreed to represent parents on the governing
body. Angela has worked with the social aspect of parent support alongside Janet
Stone. She has excellent knowledge of how Brandles can improve learning
opportunities for boys seeing this for herself in her own son.
We have spent many days in the school visiting staff and classes to see how they
operate and what is being taught in specific lessons. We now understand how the Duke
of Edinburgh Scheme works in conjunction with Field Studies and how both can be
interlinked to develop personal skills like independence and self- confidence. The Duke
of Edinburgh’s award is an important additional opportunity for Brandles’ boys to
achieve a qualification recognised by employers and very useful on CVs.
As we have lost staff to other schools Mr Vickery has been involved in recruiting
replacements who understand the very specific needs of boys at Brandles. We are
pleased that he has appointed a specialist mathematician and music teacher. The
number of music sessions will increase and boys are once more enjoying the chance to
play an instrument.
We have been busy planning new arrangements for the BVEC building at the other side
of the school grounds near to the far gates. From September, this area will
accommodate staff who work with parents and boys on a one to one basis, for more
private meetings and support work. Some boys will occasionally find it difficult to work in
their normal class, but the support provided in this new facility will enable them to work
through their problem in a more peaceful setting.
We reported at the end of last term that we have a new head for the Autumn term. Mr
Pearce will join us with Mrs Gibbs as his deputy. We hope that Brandles will go from
strength to strength under his leadership.
Finally, after ten years at the helm he is retiring to do many of the things we all dream of
doing when we stop work: the governors all wish Mr Vickery a long and happy
retirement. In modern speak he is “going on a journey” and we hope whichever bike he
uses serves him well.
We hope you all have a happy break and enjoy the summer.
Pat Furness
Chair of Governors