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Brandles’ Governing Body. 

Governors work with the Headteacher and senior leadership of the school to set the strategic direction for the school, agree how the budget should be spent and monitor and evaluate the school’s performance. Our work includes monitoring the school’s progress towards the priorities in the school improvement plan, ratifying school policies, approving staffing levels, the content of the curriculum. We challenge and support the Headteacher within an ethos of mutual respect, using the range of expertise which the collective governing body brings to meetings. While the head is operationally responsible for the day to day running of the school, he is accountable to the governing body for the decisions he makes and the outcomes for pupils.

We are proud to be part of the Brandles school community and this means that we are happy to spend time supporting the school.  As part of our monitoring role, we make regular visits to the school. We call these our link governor visits. Each governor takes responsibility for one aspect of the work of the school, such as safeguarding and the curriculum. Governors also visit the school to observe assemblies and presentations and speak with staff.

The Governance Handbook 2018 provides the legal parameters within which we operate. Governors must be over 18, but anyone with the right skills to meet a vacancy on the board, and an interest in improving education opportunities for pupils, may volunteer. Our Governing Board is drawn from the school and wider community and includes parents; school staff; representatives of the Local Education Authority and community governors. We also co-opt specialist support from Associate members.

At Brandles, our constitution states that there will be five co-opted governors, two parent governors, one local authority governor and one staff governor. the headteacher is also a member of the governing body. Currently, we are in the process of trying to fill the two parent governor vacancies.

The full governing body (FGB) meets twice in the autumn term, once in the spring term and once in the summer term. The finance and resources committee meets once each term just before the FGB.

Governors form panels which are required from time to time to hear complaints and grievance matters or, in the rare case of extreme pupil  behaviour, to review decisions to exclude pupils. Membership of these panels requires governors to have carried out specific training .

Annually, the headteacher’s own performance is evaluated by a panel of governors who, with the guidance of the Hertfordshire  improvement partner, then agree with the head his performance targets for the following year.

Are you interested in becoming a governor? If so, please contact the Chair of Governors, Helen Jones, who will be happy to talk to you and discuss the work of governance in more detail.

Alternatively, you can speak to the head who will pass on your query to the Chair. The head’s email address is

If you prefer, you can call the school office to ask for a meeting to be organised. You can contact the admin team at





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