Student Work for Covid -19

26th October 2020

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Student work

Students can access SAM Learning through the tab on the front page of the website.

Oak National Academy Resources through https://www.thenational.academy/

Maths Work KS3

Division of whole numbers- Year 7

Percentages workbook- Year 8

BIDMAS workbook- Year 9

Maths Work KS4

Paper 2 – Baseline Test GCSE Foundation Maths

Paper 3 – Baseline Test GCSE Foundation Maths

Perimeter Activity Sheet – Higher Ability

Perimeter Activity Sheet – Lower Ability

Perimeter Activity Sheet – Middle Ability

English Work

Year 8

Apostrophe revision

Commas revision

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Fun Facts

Questions about Ferrari World – Student Copy

Year 9

Apostrophe revision

Commas revision

Paper 1 Section B Imaginative Writing


Apostrophe revision

Commas revision

Year 10-11 Paper 1 Section A


Year 7

KS3 Biology Baseline Test

KS3 Chemistry Baseline Test

KS3 Physics Baseline Test

Cells and Organisation Foundation Practice Exam Questions

Cells and Organisation Foundation Revision Mat (Q)

Cells and Organisation Higher Practice Exam Questions

Cells and Organisation Higher Revision Mat (Q)

Cells and Organisation Knowledge Organiser

Revision Methods

Year 8

Space Exam Style Questions 1 (Q)

Space Exam Style Questions 2 (Q)

Space Key Revision Facts

Space Progress Record 1

Space Progress Record 2

Space Test Yourself 1 (Q)

Space Test Yourself 2 (Q)

Space Test Yourself 3 (Q)



Project booklet – Glass art


Project book Optical Art

Business Studies Work KS4

Research for my Business template

Questionnaire answers for Hospice

Answers from Pixies Questionnaire

Business Studies Finance Practice

Design & Technology

Designing through sketching

The Great Exhibition at Home simplified Student Worksheets


Cardiovascular System Presentation


GCSE PE The Cardiovascular System Revision Booklet Student

The Respiratory System Revision Booklet Student

Photography KS4

BTEC Photography KS4 Options


Year 7

Colossus Worksheet

Moore’s Law Task

Year 7 Video Producer 3 act

Year 7 Video Producer props

Year 8

BITE Homework #2

Effective searching 1

Describe phone sheet

Effective searching 2 Homework


M1 Components

Year 9

Digital Drama Bingo print

Year 9_social_networking, digital drama intro

Copyright intro power point

Four points of fair use print out

Homework Sheet – Copyright

Copyright Situations fill in words

Fair use digital drama assessment for all

Fair use case note sheets

Fair use trials

Extension internal external

Year 10

R081. Mood Boards. Mood boards and file formats. Homework

R081. Mood Boards. PresentationR081.

Mood Boards. Lesson Activity

R081. Storyboards Part 2. Practice Examination Question

R081. Storyboards Part 2. Presentation