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2nd April 2020

Monday, 30th March 2020

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)

I write to update you on school matters, after an extraordinary week for the country and ourselves. Before we get into any detail, on behalf of all of our community, I hope that you and your families are well. At this time of change, huge concern and daily updates related to the infection, my overriding aim is to continue to provide support for all, in the safest way possible. I am aware that some of us will experience some very dark days with this issue, and news last week has already made it clear that school communities, alongside other communities may well face loss due to the virus.

As usual staff have been wonderful whilst adapting to the situation. Lessons have been sent out alongside personal messages and challenges etc. Please keep in touch with your teachers as they continue to support you as best they can. We have been in contact with many of you on a daily basis. Emails, and phones calls have been sent from a variety of staff, to see how things are going and ‘touch base’ with you. It is heart warming to hear your positive messages of adaptation, pupils getting on with work, or doing very different activities that you set. It also reassuring that you agree with keeping your children at home, which is the safest possible place for them right now. We have continuously checked that you are okay with this, and we will continue to do so.

We are now making plans for after the Easter break. I have no idea where matters will be with the virus, but we are planning for a potential return to school for some pupils, but also for some (the majority) to continue to work in a virtual way. Please note that you will be contacted directly before any changes are made, and we will respect your views. However, I am very aware that any such plans for physical schooling will be guided by staffing levels, the overall picture for the country and by our own interpretation of how we can safely operate. We are trying to overcome huge contradictions at the moment that include:

  • National lock down procedures
  • Maximum gatherings allowed of two people
  • Pupils without special needs being told it is unsafe to go to school
  • Schools being classed as relatively safe but many other places are not

Therefore, please note again that any course of action that we take will be based on putting our staff, pupils and families first for health, safety and well being.

Take care of yourselves and I hope that you all stay healthy

Yours sincerely

David Pearce