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Cool bike tricks @ Brandles

7th February 2017

On January the 25th, BMX World Champion and current British Number 1 BMXer Mike Mullen came to visit the school. During the day he came into some Science lessons and spoke about his life as a BMXer and how Science has helped him throughout his career. During the lunch activities session, Mike taught some students how to do a BMX trick. Mike balanced on the front wheel of his bike just by standing on one of the pegs and the other foot on the front wheel. This was quite a hard trick that some of the boys mastered really quickly.
During the afternoon activity session, Mike demonstrated all the tricks he could do in the gym. Some of the boys even laid on the floor as Mike jumped over them on his BMX. At one point, there were four boys lying next to each other and Mike jumped over all of them using his ramp that he bought in.
At the end of the day, Mike handed out personalised auto-graph cards. This was a day enjoyed by all.